SDO Lucena conducts Open Ranking of Teacher 1 applicants


SDO Lucena adheres with the Equal Employment Opportunity Principles (EEOP) and upholds the principles for merit, fitness, competence, transparency, and accountability pursuant to Department of Education Merit and Selection Plan. With this, the Open Ranking of Teacher 1 applicants for SY 2023–2024 was conducted. OIC- Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Phillip B. Gallendez, Chairperson of HRMPSB spearheaded the aforementioned event at Lucena City Teachers and Employees Conference Center (LCTECC), June 8. HRMPSB & Division Sub-Committee was composed of the three groups: Team A, headed by ASDS Phillip B. Gallendez and the members were Rochelle P. Tolentino, AO IV/HRMO; Dr. Rowela M. Caperina, EPS/SPED; Dr. Laiza P. Villamater, EPS II; Nancy D. La Rosa, PSDS North District. However, Team B comprised of the following, Josephine T. Natividad, CID Chief, head of the team; Dr. Dexter M. Valle, EPS Math; Ferlinda M. Briones, School Head/ PESFA Vice-President; Dr. Anicia J. Villaruel, EPS/LRMS; Eden E. Reazo, PSDS West District. Meanwhile, Team C, led by SGOD Chief, Dr. Epifania F. Carandang and the members were Benjie C. Rivera, AOV; Dr. Belen M. Andal, SEPS II; Maria Corazon A. Rubio, School Head and Dr. Sorina P. Gloria, PSDS South District. The result of the Open Ranking was presented after the Division validation.

//Rochelle P. Tolentino-HRMO

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